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Why Outsource Dermatology Billing?

Choosing to outsource your billing is a big decision for your practice. You want to make sure the people who are coding and billing the insurance companies understand not only the coding, but the procedures themselves. More importantly, you want your staff to bill the insurance companies correctly the first time.

Most in-house office staff are not Certified Dermatology Coders (CDC) and lack the knowledge of proper coding for dermatology. Think about how much money you pay in salary/hourly wages (including payroll taxes) for multiple employees who are responsible for your billing/patient collections and then ask yourself, "am I satisfied with the results?" How efficient is your biller/coder who gets paid an hourly wage to collect the provider's money, regardless of the results?

If your office staff is spending too much time handling billing, then outsourcing is the right choice for you.