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Dermatology Billing Services

At Florida Derm Billers, we do not charge up-front costs or additional monthly fees. Our policy is, “we only get paid when you do”. We are paid a flat percentage, monthly, based on the dollar amount your practice collects each month from insurance companies and patient collections. Florida Derm Billers wants, you, the physician and the staff focusing 100% on patient care and not worrying about the claims. We spend the countless hours online or waiting on hold with insurance companies answering their requests and following up on pending patient claims. If you are not satisfied with your current billing situation, give Florida Derm Billers a call and let us be your billing solution. Florida Derm Billers wants you to know, we are part of your team!

Our monthly fee includes the following services

Daily filing of your claims electronically, for faster payments from insurers

Monthly Patient Collections

Investigation and resolution of all claim denials/delays

Process medical record requests from insurance companies

Posting of EOMB(s)

A detailed, easy to read, quarterly (3 month) Aging Report

Office efficiency walk through. With over 20 years of dermatology experience, we have helpful and insightful ideas on efficient office flow for quicker turnover of patients

Training of staff in efficiently entering EMR progress notes

Training of staff in Dermatology coding/billing

Auditing charts, prior to billing, to insure proper coding and quicker payments from the insurance companies

Assisting with insurance companies annual medical record reviews